juoksentelisinkohan |ˈjoʊksenˌteliːsiːŋkoʊhɑːn| expression • Finnish "I wonder if I should run around aimlessly?" Compound words are fun. German is best known for doing this — stringing words and word parts, known as lexemes, together to create a single monstrosity of a word for something that usually doesn't need a dedicated word to begin with — but …

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nubivagant |ˈnuːbɪvəgənt| adjective • English moving or wandering through or among the clouds. Clouds have many moods. The happy, fluffy clouds of a warm summer day are nothing like their dreary cousins of the overcast days of spring or autumn. Winter clouds are silent and bleak. Rainy days can be gloomy or peaceful, and there's …

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antejentacular |ˌæntəʤenˈtækjulər| adjective • English occurring before breakfast. When I came across this word I immediately thought of the White Queen's famous quote in Lewis Carroll's Through the Looking-Glass: "Why, sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast." I'm sure many of us aspire to that level of productivity. Getting anything meaningful …

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