gluggaveður |ˈɡluːɡəvɛður| noun • Icelandic weather that is nice to look at through a window, but not nice to be outside in; literally, "window-weather". Some things are best appreciated at a distance. It's best not to interfere with, say, a wild animal in its natural habitat, or a high-contact sports event, if you're into those. …

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smultronställe |ˈsmuːltrɑnˌstɔlə|noun • Swedish an undiscovered gem of a place with personal or sentimental value; a location that you love to return to but that is hard for others to find; a place for relaxation, refuge, and solace; literally, "place of wild strawberries". Last weekend I returned to my alma mater to attend a friend's …

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trochilidine |ˌtroʊˈkɪlədɑɪn|adjective • English of, like, or pertaining to hummingbirds. Birds are fascinating. They're marvels of the animal kingdom, capable of physical and mental acrobatics that are making us reconsider what is possible. Recent studies have illuminated them as astoundingly intelligent, and they even have language, a trait that was once thought unique to humans. …

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