Koev Halev

כואב לי הלב |koev li halev|expression • Hebrew identifying with the suffering of others so closely that one hurts oneself, that one's heart aches; a particular kind of empathy where watching the suffering of others causes physical pain; literally, "my heart hurts". The capacity for empathy is perhaps one of the most remarkable traits of …

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Jī Lèi

鸡肋 |jī lèi| (trad. 雞肋) expression • Chinese literally, "chicken ribs"; something that has little value or use that you are nonetheless reluctant to get rid of. I'll admit it: I may be too sentimental for my own good. It's been a tendency of mine since childhood to attach unnecessary emotional value to things. A …

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мерак |merak| noun • Serbian enjoyment of the simple things in life; the feeling of bliss and sense of oneness with the universe that comes from the simplest of pleasures. the ultimate, irrepressible desire of an individual. Happiness is underrated. It's a feeling everyone enjoys, certainly, and one that we are wont to spend our …

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