duende |duˈɛndeɪ|noun • Spanish the mysterious power a work of art can have over a person; the moment in art when something else takes over. As much as I love words, I hold enormous respect for what can be achieved without them. While they are certainly useful tools, they aren't always necessary to communicate effectively …

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生き甲斐 |ikigai| noun • Japanese a reason for being; the thing that you live for, the reason you get up in the morning. At the intersection where your gifts, talents, and abilities meet a human need; therein you will discover your purpose. —Unknown (Usually attributed to Aristotle) For some reason, society has made the idea …

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trochilidine |ˌtroʊˈkɪlədɑɪn|adjective • English of, like, or pertaining to hummingbirds. Birds are fascinating. They're marvels of the animal kingdom, capable of physical and mental acrobatics that are making us reconsider what is possible. Recent studies have illuminated them as astoundingly intelligent, and they even have language, a trait that was once thought unique to humans. …

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