juoksentelisinkohan |ˈjoʊksenˌteliːsiːŋkoʊhɑːn| expression • Finnish "I wonder if I should run around aimlessly?" Compound words are fun. German is best known for doing this — stringing words and word parts, known as lexemes, together to create a single monstrosity of a word for something that usually doesn't need a dedicated word to begin with — but …

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curwhibble |kərwɪbl| noun • English a thingamajig, a whatchamacallit. We have so many words for things we don't have words for. Thingamabob. Doodad. Whatsit. Doohickey. Thingy, if you're not one for bells and whistles. Or you could be on the opposite end of the spectrum like me, and invent your own chimerical abominations whenever a …

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