estival |ˈɛstəvəl| (also aestival)adjective • English of, like, or pertaining to summer; occurring or appearing in, or typical of, the summer; summery. There are certain words that demand to be written about at a certain time, sometimes even during a specific week. For these words, I will wait for months until the right time comes. …

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soodraght |suːdrɑxt| noun • Manx the sound of waves hitting the shore. I've developed a very sudden fondness for Celtic languages. I've always found them interesting; any language that is able to rival English's notoriously low correlation between spelling and pronunciation earns my respect. But only as I began to research Manx, the official language …

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trochilidine |ˌtroʊˈkɪlədɑɪn|adjective • English of, like, or pertaining to hummingbirds. Birds are fascinating. They're marvels of the animal kingdom, capable of physical and mental acrobatics that are making us reconsider what is possible. Recent studies have illuminated them as astoundingly intelligent, and they even have language, a trait that was once thought unique to humans. …

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