verbomania |ˌvərboʊˈmeɪnɪːə| (ver-bo-MAY-nee-uh)
noun • English

Craze, passion, or obsession with words.

Collections are fun. Some people collect stamps or coins or air sickness bags; I collect words. I use a number of them on a day-to-day basis, as I imagine most people do, but this blog is where I showcase the specimens that I don’t get the chance to use quite as often. From foreign words that put names to our most vague and visceral emotions with startling accuracy, to words in our own mother tongues for things so hilariously specific that you have to wonder why they were coined at all — the interesting, unusual, and “untranslatable” words have always been my favorites.

New words will be added to the blog once-a-month-ish, though there is no consistent schedule. I like to use the words as prompts to talk about the current state of the world, recount my own experiences, or simply muse about the beautiful absurdity of language and the human condition, so a new post will appear whenever a word inspires me.

If you would like to contribute some words from your own collection, please don’t hesitate! Head on over to the Contact page to get in touch with me, and your words might inspire my next post!

Kietra E |ˈkɪːtʃrə ɪː| (KEE-truh ee)
proper noun • unknown origin

  1. A twenty-something web developer found most often in upstate New York.
  2. An aspiring novelist, serial hobbyist, and lover of words and languages; of nature and traveling; of art and science; of books, birds, cats, and houseplants; of old things and holiday decorations.
  3. Owner of the blog Verbomania.


For as long as I can remember, I have harbored a great sensitivity to the power of language and the deepest affection for words. I started writing with these tools at the age of four and haven’t stopped since, and someday some of my words will be published. In the meantime, I use my bachelor’s degree in computer engineering to design and develop websites, and when I’m not doing that I’m either working on at least one writing project, experimenting with some type of visual art, playing the piano, kalimba, or board games, adventuring somewhere (or at least planning on it), or getting lost in a good book. Or maybe just watching bird videos on YouTube.