Aufbruchstimmung |aʊfˈbʀoːçʃtɪmoːŋ| noun • German the mood of getting ready to depart from a place and/or try new things; an atmosphere of departure or change; a spirit of optimism or enthusiasm. Moving is something of a phenomenon. It’s not just something you do — it’s a state of mind and a state of being. You …

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Mahlzeit |maːltsaɪt| expression • German a greeting, commonly said to or by someone heading off to or in the process of eating lunch; literally, "meal time!" Lunch is my favorite part of the day. On weekdays, it's a break from work and a celebration of having made it halfway through the day; on weekends, when …

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Frühjahrsmüdigkeit |ˈfʀyːjaʀsmyːdiːçkaɪt|noun • German a sense of listlessness brought on by the coming of spring; literally, "spring fatigue". Theoretically, spring is now upon us. I've already started to see robins, who I trust to tell me the season more than I do the calendar, and there have been a couple of days so far when …

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