incunabulum |ˌɪnkjəˈnæbjələm|noun • English an early printed book, especially one printed before 1501. Books! Many people argue that they're the perfect medium, as evidenced by the fact that the way we make them hasn't really changed since the middle ages (though inventions such as the printing press and the computer have certainly made the process …

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curwhibble |kərwɪbl| noun • English a thingamajig, a whatchamacallit. We have so many words for things we don't have words for. Thingamabob. Doodad. Whatsit. Doohickey. Thingy, if you're not one for bells and whistles. Or you could be on the opposite end of the spectrum like me, and invent your own chimerical abominations whenever a …

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